untitled-15“I’ve been at this 25 years, I’ve been stabbed, and shot once.”

As the rain stopped and a beautiful sunset was starting to peek through the clouds, Jackson, the alligator-tooth necklace wearing carnie and his sidekick were kind enough to make me a cup of coffee and share a few carnival stories with me.

untitled-10bw-1untitled-6Jackson: “I don’t like having my picture taken.” Me: “I know.”
untitled-8“I have coffee, but I like hot tea, I have hot chocolate, but I don’t like that either.”untitled-9untitled-11untitleduntitled-14



51 thoughts on “CARNIVAL COMES TO TOWN

  1. Love the picture!! So amazing, i’m thrilled to see more from you really
    You have such amazing photos in general, continue with it sure everyone will love as much as i do!!

  2. Wow your pictures are amazing and the stories you tell with a single shot are breathtaking. I hope I can take beautiful pictures like you in the future πŸ™‚

    • Hi danidoll117. Thank you for the comment. Find one that fits your needs, and then take the time to learn what your camera can do. Read your manual, find other photographers in your city and learn from them also. The camera I use is probably too much camera for your needs. You can get a good camera under $1000 and take AMAZING photos of your children. : ) Good luck!

  3. Reblogged this on and commented:
    It’s pictures like these that make me want to buy a nice camera and start capturing every moment. Especially my son and daughters πŸ™‚

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